Owner of cat with rude face marking accused of “animal abuse” over name

Owner of cat with rude face marking accused of “animal abuse” over name

A couple have been slammed for naming their rescue cat Richard – because it has the outline of a penis in the fur on its face.

A man and his fiancé decided to adopt a cat and went to visit a rescue centre together, and found one white cat that had been passed over many times.

The man, who remains anonymous, said the reason why was obvious – because in its white fur was a black penis, going from the tip of its nose to up above its eyes.

But the pair loved the cat all the same and decided take him home, and named him Richard, or Dick for short, but some of their friends think the choice of name was insensitive of the ‘cat’s feelings’.

Sharing the story on Reddit, the man wrote: “Four months ago, my fiancé and I were looking to adopt a cat. We found a middle-aged cat that was sitting in a shelter for a long while for a very obvious reason.

“The black and white pattern of the coat created a painfully obvious penis shape right in the middle of the cats face – not gonna lie, I found this pretty funny and so did my fiancé.

“So we went out to meet the cat. He was super sweet so we took him home but the shelter said they didn’t know his name and that we can give him our own.

“Seeing how the thought of this cat having a penis face would be the first thing to anyone’s mind the moment they saw him, we thought it would be a funny little icebreaker to name him Richard.

“My own father, whose name is Richard, found this pretty funny and harmless, as did many other guests – until my sister in law visited.

“She said it was completely inappropriate and ‘a disservice to the cat and the cat’s feelings, since I made fun of him with this name, unbeknownst to the cat himself’ and that It can be categorized as un-physical animal abuse’.

“I told her the cat doesn’t even speak English so his feelings aren’t hurt at all, so I don’t see the problem here. She then got mad at my fiancé because he’s ‘enabling me to abuse an animal who can’t control what coat pattern it has’ so now she has ghosted us.”

After sharing the story online, the internet rallied around the man and said he wasn’t in the wrong for the name.

One user said: “I’m laughing so hard right now. This is great. I’m glad your sister in law ghosted you because she is out of her mind if she really believes any of the sewage leaking from her mouth.”

Another added: “Unphysical animal abuse? What woke nonsense is your sister in law a victim of?”

And another added: “The cat had been sitting in the shelter because of the penis shape on his face.

“Not only did you adopt him, you celebrated it with his new name. You’re not being mean to him, you’re turning what was an unfortunate circumstance into laughter and love. But also the cat doesn’t care. It’s a cat lol.”