Woman gutted after discovering sofa she ‘sold for £350 is worth more than £20,000’

Woman gutted after discovering sofa she ‘sold for £350 is worth more than £20,000’

Most of us have experienced the pain of realising we’ve wasted our money

Nothing too horrendous – maybe we mistranslated how much something cost on holiday, or forked out too much on an item that ended up disappointing us.

But once the initial irritation is over, you hopefully move on and it only pains you occasionally.

One woman has had to teach herself to see the funny side of a larger mistake after she admitted she missed out on thousands of dollars.

It’s fair to say it might be something that stays with her for a long time.

Jules Schreiner posted an account of TikTok, where she explained exactly what happened.

The TikTok user said she advertised a couch for $500 on Facebook Marketplace (£350) after someone gave it to her for free.

But it might have been an expensive mistake to not do any research beforehand.

Jules said the sofa was bought “within seconds” and she later saw the new owner post it on Instagram, where they posted about the brand.

After finally researching it, she claims the sofa was designed by Vladimir Kagan, an icon of mid-century modern American furniture design.

In the video, she shared a photo of another sofa on sale for thousands of dollars – and explained that her sofa was by the same designer but in a different style.

In the caption, Jules added: “Thought I had got a great deal on FB market place but ya know things are always too good to be true.”

Her video racked up thousands of views, as people shared her pain.

One commented: “My mum used to work for a high-end brand, I didn’t know about when I searched it up I was like no way.”

Jules agreed, writing: “Crazy a couch could be that expensive lol.”

Another commented: “Ok so from now on, we are going to look for name brands on the things we buy ok? LOL then we are going to google them.”

A third advised: ” Google Lens is your best friend if you’re flipping.”

“It’s only worth that much if someone is willing to pay. I think you made out just fine getting $500 for a discoloured old couch,” added one person.

Another agreed, adding: “In fairness, you won from this. The person got rid of their couch for free, you made $500 and the last guy got a bargain. Win win win.”