Pregnant mum with 11 children slams people who question if they have ’12 different dads’

Pregnant mum with 11 children slams people who question if they have ’12 different dads’

A mum-of-11, who has another baby on the way, has taken to TikTok to slam people who make assumptions about the father of her children.

Britni Church regularly documents life as a family of (soon to be) 14, from ginormous daily laundry tasks, to endless streams of nappies.

The 32-year-old gave birth to her first child at the tender age of 16 and has been growing her family ever since, most recently giving birth to triplets in 2019.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Britini has been inundated with questions about her unusually large family, and many of them often relate to the paternity of her brood.

“Do they still have the same dad?” one TikTok user questioned, adding, “I’m not trying to be weird but just wondering. But it doesn’t matter anyways.”

“Twelve kids, three dads. But if there were twelve dads, that doesn’t mean I’d be any less blessed,” Britini hit back in response, before explaining that her eldest five children – Crizman, Jordan, Cadence, Kayla, and Jace – all have the same dad. Jesalyn, the sixth oldest, has a different dad from the rest of her siblings.

Then Silas, Christopher, Oliver, Asher, Abel and their baby on the way are all the biological children of Britini’s husband, however, she was quick to point out that her husband doesn’t love any of their other children any less.

“My husband treats all of them as his own, he doesn’t treat his own biological children any differently than he does the other kids,” she explained. “He thinks of them all the same.”

Interestingly, Britni’s husband was just 12 years old when her eldest daughter was born, meaning they have a smaller age gap than her eldest child and her youngest, although that doesn’t make them any less close as a family.